Mr. Pinball 2018 Price Guide

Mr. Pinball 2018 Price Guide
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New 2018 Pinball List and Price Guide from Mr. Pinball. This guide is a must have for the serious pinball collector. It has tons of information on pinball machines, bingo, bowler, and baseball machines.

This is the 28th annual edition. It contains important information about all pinball machines made since the flipper was invented in 1947. This is the most popular and accurate pinball reference anywhere. Over 3,000 pinball machines are listed with incredible detail about each, including name, manufacturer, date released, number of players, distinguishing features, production numbers, collectibility, current value, market trend, designer, artist, and relationships with other games. Note that included in the pricing analysis are charts of price trends and values and a list of the top five games, by decade and by type. The book also contains current website links to on-line resources for buying and selling parts and machines, popular pinball events, and how to find more information--everything a new collector or pinball enthusiast needs to know. Nowhere else can you find as comprehensive and complete reference on pinball. No collector, novice or expert, can afford to be without the latest edition from Mr. Pinball. Added bonus sections--a comprehensive list of Bowling Games and a comprehensive list of Gun Games since these are often found with pinball games.

The Table of Contents from the 2018 Edition:

What's New in the 2018 Edition!

How This Book Came To Be



About List Information

Available Versions


How to Contact Us


Flipper Pinball Lists

Flipper Pinball List Codes

List--Alphabetical by Name

List--Chronological by Manufacturer

Baseball Pinball List

Bingo Pinball List


Appendix A--About the Serial Numbers Statistical Analysis


Sampling Method

Biases and Limitations


Total Production


Appendix B--Bibliography

Appendix C--All About Pinball Collecting



Who Is Out There?

Buying Games And Parts

Selling Games And Parts

Manufacturing Parts

Shipping Games

Caring For Games

Playing Games

Locating Games To Play

10 Biggest Mistakes New Collectors Make

10 Biggest Mistakes Experienced Collectors Make

Companion Collectibles

Promotional Material


Pinball Events

 Internet Pinball Podcasts

Appendix D--Determining Price


What Value Means

Other Values Listed

 How to Determine Value Using This Guide--Standard Method


 How to Determine Value Using This Guide--Class Rating System Alternative

 General Pinball Values

 Manufacturer Report

 Market Trends


 How Values Were Determined


Appendix E--Artists

Appendix F--Designers

Appendix G--Glossary

Appendix H--Manufacturer History

Country-specific Notes

Appendix I--Game Interrelationships

 Appendix J--Just Not a Pinball

Bonus Sections

 Bowling Games List

 Gun Games List

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